Sunday, March 8, 2015

Seven Sunday Snippets

 1. Last Sunday Kevin turned 33. He is amazing and I am so lucky to have him. He had to work a few hours in the morning. He came home and entertained the kids while I got ready for church. I came out and this was happening. He is awesome. He asked me not to put it on social media but I couldn't resist, it's too cute. We celebrated that night with a few friends and lots of food and ice cream raspberry brownie cake.
 2. Cooper had a homework assignment to make an egg drop container for pre-school. We rocked it.
 3. Russ is my cutie pie and biggest stinker, which makes it hard because he is always into trouble climbing on the table, dumping things out, teasing Maggie and wrecking Cooper and Maggie's play time scenarios, but every time I get frustrated he starts being so dang cute. He just dumped out all the tiny battleship pieces, but after hands me one and says "guh" and I melt. I am such a sucker. He is a cuddler and he adores Cooper.
 4. Wednesday was New Beginnings. Our theme was Embark on Your Journey, we had a Bon Voyage party and served pina coladas in souvenir bottles that we had used etching cream to etch in "Embark D&C 4:2" Then we had a welcome buffet with foods from around the world and had a program to introduce the Journey through Young Womens. Each girl shared her favorite value and a some favorites and advice of their own Journeys. Then we showed the spiritual passport video and I spoke for a few minutes. It was a fun night and turned out great.
 5. My friend came over to learn how to cut her kids hair. Cutting two boys hair at the same time seemed like a great idea. It was chaotic.
 6. Maggie is so funny and soooo dramatic. This week as I was driving I told her we needed to get home because Mama Bear was hungry. In a loud dramatic almost screaming voice she began listing reasons I was not a bear... "you live in a house and drive a car, you are not a bear! You wear clothes and shoes and sleep in a bed, you are not a bear! You wear make up and eat food and cook and don't eat honey, you are not a bear!" The list went on and on but the honey part was my favorite especially when I told her I love to eat honey...
7. Yesterday afternoon Kevin took on a project to redo the pipes in the shower so we can install a nice faucet that wont keep breaking and leaking. This house is only compatible with one faucet, the cheap generic one it came with it. I think we have switched it out 7-8 times and each times it breaks faster and leaks more. Unfortunately it wasn't going smoothly and we have been without water for nearly 20 hours which is hard. We hate to do house projects on Sunday but with Kev being on call and working a lot this weekend and having to go back Monday we need to get this fixed asap so we have water and flushing toilets!! I just tried to get Maggie to put on a diaper- she wasn't having it.
 This isn't a snippet, just a suggestion, make this for dinner this week. It is the Naan from Costco with hummus, chicken, cucumbers, pepperoncini's, kalamata olives and feta and its amazing.


Mariley Johnson said...

Wow! We miss you and that raspberry ice cream brownie cake!!

Thomas Weißinger said...

I have found your picture on Facebook, but pretending to be another person. Here is the facebook link:

I hope you could arrange her profile deleted.

Best wishes