Sunday, March 15, 2015

Seven Sunday Snippets March 15

1.Last Sunday was cool and rainy and I was excited to put Russ in this jacket for the first and probably last time. I have a problem with baby clothes, I have so many things that I hold onto but never put on the kids. I loved this jacket on Cooper and though he only wore it once or twice I stored it for several years so that Russ could wear it and I will store it for a few more years with a bunch of other baby clothes that never get worn just in case another boy comes along. I'm becoming more of a hoarder every day.

2. This week was spring break. I am a spring break scrooge around here because all it means is that everywhere is going to be crowded. I was hesitant to go to parks, libraries, and movies and I wasn't even going to attempt Pump It Up, the Zoo or Sea World. We did go to the library for a very crowded story time. Cooper and Russ loved it. Maggie hated it. She gets very shy around kids in public which surprises me a little. Luckily it was cold on Wednesday so we went to the park and it wasn't too crowded. I love taking pictures of kids on swings.

3. Thursday was a gorgeous day! I took the kids to Lowes to buy a weeding tool and gardening gloves for everyone. While I tackled the front yard weeds Russ stole the cups of popcorn chicken from the other kids and stuffed as many as he could in his mouth and walked around the yard saying "Nom, Nom, Nom". Mean while Cooper was busy climbing out the sunroof and trying to climb on the house while the neighbors looked on and thought I was a horrible parent when instead of panicking and getting him down I took a picture and squirted him with the hose... then I made him get down. Every year at this time I devote days, weeks and sometimes months to fixing up the yard before it dries up and dies over the summer and then gets more and more weed infested for the following spring. It's the worst. I yearn for Utah grass.

4. Saturday was our Young Women's Pi Day Pi K Fundraiser. It was so fun! This was an event I'd wanted to do for years and with the most epic Pi Day of the century falling on a Saturday we were able to host a most epic run on Saturday 3-14-15 at 9:26:58 (Pi=3.141592658..) The run was 3.14 miles for runners or 3.14 Kilometers for walkers- just under 2 miles. At the one mile point we had water and you could get a squirt or "shot" of whip cream and that was where the walkers turned around, half mile later was more whipped cream shots and the turn around for runners. We made funny posters to put along the path that said things like I Believe I Can Pi, and Run for Your Pi's, and Keep Calm and Pi On, stuff like that. At the finish line we had pie slices for everyone. We had several pies in a Silent Auction and there were about 25 pies purchased for face pies. My friend Rachel bought 4 pies to throw in "unsuspecting" faces. I say unsuspecting because most people pied their family members. Rachel pied me, I agreed to it. She tried to pie a friend but our friend intercepted her arm and Rachel pied herself. She went to pie Kevin while he was holding Russ, Kev knocked the pie to the ground so she picked it up and pied his head. It made it fun and entertaining. It was hilarious when the Bishop's wife threw a pie at him and the Bishop ducked and the pie hit Rachel's 5 year old son who was sitting in the stroller behind the Bishop. The kid was so sad but it was hilarious. I am mean to laugh as hard as I did. I was so happy with the way everything went.

5. I feel like I lose my temper more and more with my kids lately, but I would never really want to throw them away, they are just too cute! This week I am hoping to be more patient. My hopes are that since New Beginnings and the Pi K are done I won't be as overwhelmed or stressed with them... this morning though was off too a rough start, I blame that on the house being overwhelmingly messy though,  tomorrow will be better!

6. I love that the kids dress themselves and love to dress up. This was not dress ups for Maggie though, this is her outfit she wanted to wear even after they were done playing in water. Also this is the pose I get when I say strike a pose! Cooper found my boots under my bed and is convinced they are fireman boots. He looks like those creepy Bratz Dolls.

7. Maggie told me these are glasses that make you look like a princess, she is right! Also last night we went for a night drive and got ice cream cones its hard to tell but she fell asleep while eating it and is covered in ice cream. She didn't even wake up while I cleaned her up.


Mariley Johnson said...

Pi-K is awesome stuff!

Maurine said...

You are a fun mom. And I love that your kids have such unique personalities...someday I am going to get to meet them.
I love your Pi day Pi K run, I can't believe you started it at 9:26:58. Hahaha!