Monday, March 23, 2015

Seven Sunday Snippets- On Monday- March 23

1. Maggie LOVES nail polish for her "peenernails" Her new love is painting my fingers and her toes all by herself. She actually does a really good job on my fingers. After she did her toes she told my she got just a little bit on her skin but it was okay.


2. We went to the zoo with some friends, I was hoping since it was the afternoon and a little drizzly it wouldn't be too crowded. I was a little surprised by how many people were still there. It ended up being more than a little drizzly and we chased these fluorescent dudes all over the place, they had a blast.
3. We are officially done with bottles, for at least a year! Maggie gave up the bottle just a few months ago, I was really bad letting her have it until she was three. I didn't want to make that mistake with Russ so the other day I decided to cut it off cold turkey. It was only bad for two nights and I am so glad to be done!

4. My friend had a birthday tea party this week and it really was so fun. We all put on fancy tea hats and tried different teas and tea snacks and had tea party conversations- mostly about Downton Abby and Jane Austin Books and Characters, both of which I know little about, but we still had a lovely time. I really like my ward and friends here.

5. For mutual on Wednesday we played Hungry Hippos. Everyone had a blast! We used furniture dollies and a long board and bowls and balls. It really was so fun. We practiced on Monday with the kids and some friends for FHE- should have gotten pics that night, it was cute- but the kids didn't let us adults have much of a turn. We may get sitters and have a couples date night and do this again, it was really fun!

6. Two weeks ago Kev started this bathroom faucet projects, it didn't go as smoothly as we hoped and the pipes stuck out and we haven't been able to use the shower. We will have to redo the surround, which we wanted to do at some point, only right now with our trip to New York and Kev's parents coming into town we didn't have time to do it. We talked about best quick fixes and this is what we came up with. Its a Frisbee, I think its awesome and it was easy and under $10.

7. Bedtime is the worst. Maggie often falls asleep around 5 and it's so hard to wake her up, especially because by that point I need a break from her. The bad thing is if she falls asleep during the day, even if its just 10 minutes it is so hard to get her to bed before 10, and the kids won't fall asleep without someone in their room. Lately I've just been putting her on the floor of our room. I do kinda love the way she sleeps.