Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New York Snippets

1. I am still dreaming about the days I ate my way through Manhattan. I don't know what to do about my French Pastry and cookie cravings because the Mexican pastries here in San Antonio just don't cut it. I had an instagram series #lindseystuffsherfaceinNYC with everything I ate but some of the places I am still craving are...
The Paris Baguette. Shelves and shelves of fresh breads and sweet pastries that were still warm when we got them! I wish I would have gotten some every morning it was soooo good. There is a place here in San Antonio called The French Sandwich; I know its not near the same but I am still going to check it out.
Street Vendor Hot Dogs. I don't know what those street vendors do to the hot dogs, but they are doing it right!
Katz Deli. I love me a good Reuben and this sandwich was phenomenal! We had a busy day before going to Katz and after going to Ground Zero and getting very emotional in the Tribute Museum we went to catch the Water Taxi and missed it, and the bus pass we had was hard to find and catch and I was feeling frustrated and I had forgotten my cord to connect my phone to the extra battery so we had to keep turning the phones off so we wouldn't waste battery, but we kept walking the wrong way trying to find Katz. I was sooooo hungry which made me very angry because there was too much to eat that I wasn't supposed to ever be hungry- I sound like a brat with first world problems- but I was hungry! We finally found Katz and waited in line for so long that we didn't have time to eat we had to rush back to the hotel to grab our charger and then hurry to make it to the top of the Rockefeller center. On the bus ride home we munched on soggy fries and I was worried that this place wouldn't live up to its reputation. But when we got into the hotel and I bit into the sandwich every part of me felt happy! 
Oh Levain Bakery. I may write a poem about this place someday, that's how good it is.
The Soup Man from the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, I had to get the lobster bisque. It was awesome.

2. When we weren't eating we were sight seeing from early morning to late night. I really wished I would have bought a selfie stick that I had been making fun of only days earlier.

3. The day we almost saw Jimmy Fallon. We woke up at 5:00 and left the hotel just after 5:30, we got in line for standby tickets just before 6:00am and it was freezing!! We shivered our tooshies for over 3 hours and finally got our tickets, number 20 and 21. We had been told that with numbers under 25 we had a really good chance to get in! Yay! We were told to return before 3:00 to check in. So we went back to the hotel, took a little nap and warmed up, went to check into our new hotel, went to the Body Worlds exhibit and ate delicious pizza at Johns Pizza and we went to sign in. We were then told to come back at 4:00 exactly, so we waited around and then at 4 we got back in line with all our friends we had made that morning. After a bit they told us that anyone with a ticket over 23 would not have a seat. We cheered and high fived! We thought we were in! At almost 5:30 we were told they only had 17 tickets and we had barely missed it. Sad sad moment! To get over it we ate street food that was good at first then gross and then we went to the Max Brenner Chocolate Café which was so fun. Then we went to the Empire State building. 

Consolation Shirt

4. Time Square, we made it on a big ol screen, see us kissing in the top corner of the heart! We are cute. One night walking through Time Square some dude was shoving a cd into my chest so I took it, then they started harassing me for money and so I tried to give it back and they wouldn't take it. Then Kevin stepped up to the guy and I thought they were going to start fighting, but then Kevin scared them off.

5. One of my favorite adventures was taking the water taxi down the Hudson river past the Statue of Liberty and to the Brooklyn Bridge. New York is beautiful and I liked hearing stories and tips from tour guides on the busses and water taxi.

6. Central Park on a cold drizzly day after we went to the Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim, and a bus tour through uptown Manhattan. After the park is when we got cookies from Levain and now as I'm off to bed all I can think about is chocolate chip walnut cookies the size of my fist.... 


Mariley Johnson said...

What!!! I was just in New York! And it looks like the same freezing trip! When were you there? End of April?? Glad you got to eat well, I failed miserably in the food department!

Lindsey said...

Mariley! How can I tag you in a blog post? You may never see this, probably I should call you or something 😀 we went the first part of April, it was terribly cold and I'm a super wimp these days. I'm baffled that one could fail in the food department in New York. The only thing I didn't love was the salted caramel frozen hot chocolate at serendipity. So overrated and hardly edible to me...